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Surface Chemical Industry Co Ltd is a pinoeer one stop sourcing and holistic solution provider in surfactant industry since Fed 22, 2006, by devoted to R&D, manufacturing, marketing and solutions in surfactant products, manufacture and supply product line covers a wide range of application  such as personal care, home care, cosmetics, household and industrial cleaning, detergent, industrial purpose.                                                                                         
Our product series including: sulfonate salts, sulfosuccinate salts, amino acid salts (taurate, glutamate, glycinate, sarcosinate), CMEA, CMMEA, betaine (LAB, CAB), amine oxide (CAO, LAO), glycol distearate, PEG-150 distearate, PEG-6000DS and beeswax.                                                                                                 
Surface Chemical industry Co Ltd has license for independt import and export businessm, by approved ISO9001 quality manage system and ISO14001 environmental management system, high concern the potential environmental and social impacts, continuous improve production craft and raw materials sourcing, utilize environmental friendly craft anf raw materials, to building green, healthy, safe and beautiful life.
At present, Surface Chemical Industry Co Ltd become a rapidly growing high technology enterprice, also become professional, reliable & preferential partner and solution provider in surfactant. Surface Chemcal Industry towards collectivized diverstified operation developingnow.
Surface Chemical Industry Co Ltd devote to supply quality control and reasonable price products, economical solution, has win widerange of domestic and international market, our products have been regularly exporting more than twenty countries and regions, suchas Russia, Middle East, East-South Asia, Latin America, Canada, USA, Mexico, Australia, Korea, Japan, Africa etc.
Through our commitment to advanced technology, high quality products, professional technical team, skilled sale team, strong logistic system and leading service excellent. Surface's product line to make your work become easy without any worry for qualiy and after-saleservice.
Surface Chemical Industry Co Ltd is not just only a simple manufacturer in surfactant field, what more is a solution provider in your business,certainly become your reliable & preferential partner in your successful business.

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