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How to Prevent COVID-19

COVID-19 still spreading in world now, some countries have already improved, this is good news, we believe global situation will become well soon.
COVID-19 is a kind of contagious respiratory system disease, has infection in living organisms, such as persons and animals,main transmitted routes by respiratory and touch, so the best prevent way is make personal protection and hygiene: 
1). Wear mask outside, mask can choice disposable medical protective mask or medical surgical mask, can choice wear disposable glove when fell outside materials;
2). Often wash hand use soap, special go home from outside, don't touch eye, mouth and nose before wash hands;
3). Outside clothes and shoes put in well-ventilated go home from outside, use 75% medicinal alcohol or chlorine-containing disinfectant (concentration about 1:300 water) to spray doorknob;
4).Don't gather outside, keep more than 1 meter away from others person outside, try to avid close touch with anyone who shows symptoms of respiratory diseases (such as coughing and sneezing);
5). Eat hot and delicatessen food, avoid to eat cool and raw food, more eat high protein food;
6). Take more exercise, regular rest, maintain good indoor ventilation
Hope these suggests have help for your.

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