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Development and application of sulfosuccinate surfactants

Sulfosuccinate surfactants have well advantage in surfactant field, such as wide range source of raw materials, simple synthetic process, low production cost, mild of skin, low irritation, biosafety and easy biodegradation, no waste pollution. Sulfosuccinate surfactants comply with new concepts of safety, environmental protection and high surface activity.
Sulfosuccinate surfactants widely used in coatings, synthetic resins, textiles, leather, medicine, mining, agriculture, building materials, electroplating, batteries, adhesives and detergents.
Sulfosuccinate is a commercialized and universal surfactant after World War II, one of the earliest industrial products was sodium dioctyl sulfosuccinate (DOSS), Henan Surface Chemical Industry Co Ltd has long-term commitment to research and development of surfactant field, products series have: sulfonate surfactant, sulfosuccinate surfactant, amino acid surfactant, non-ionic and zwitterionic surfactant , the quantity and quality of other series products are comparable to similar foreign products.
Henan Surface Chemical Industry Co Ltd produce and provide sulfosuccinate surfactants have: Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate, Disodium Lauryl Sulfosuccinate, Disodium Cocoyl Monoethanolamide Sulfosuccinate, Sodium Dioctyl Sulfosuccinate.
Properties of sulfosuccinate salts: 
Solubility: Low solubility if Succinate diester sulfonate in water , also decreases as the number of carbon atoms increases, but has excellent oil solubility in organic solvents, succinate sulfonate synthesized use fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether, the products have good solubility in water, can be dissolved in almost any concentration; succinate sulfonate synthesized use fatty alcohol, the products has low solubility in water at room temperature, finished product is white cream, solubility increases with temperature rise, decreases as the carbon chain grows.
Wettability: Relationship between structure of sodium succinate and wettability:
When the number of carbon atoms less than 14 and without branching, wettability increase with normal carbon chain growth, wettability decrease with the numbet of branch increase. 
When the number of carbon atoms more than 14, wettability decrease with carbon chain length increase, wettability increase with the number of brance increase.
Wetting performance is excellent when total number of alkyl carbon is 16-18, such sodium dioctyl sulfosucciante (DOSS-70/75) has very excellent wetting and osmosis performance.
Surfactivity: Sulfosuccinate surfactants have lower surface tension and well resist hard water performance, foaminess of sulfosuccinate is superior to zwitterionic surfactant.
Sulfosuccinate is slightly foam lower than AES (SLES) or SLS K12 of the same carbon chain length, but succinate sulfoante compound with AES (SLES) has significant synergistic effect, its foam height is reduced compared to pure AES (SLES), But foam stability is particularly good.
Permeability: Alcohol type ethoxy compounds have the best permeability when the alcohol carbon number is 12-14 and the ethoxy polymerization number is 5, too big or too small of carbon number will make the penetration worse.
Emulsibility: Emulsifiers are often added in emulsion polymerization to obtain stable emulsions, Sulfosuccinate surfactants have been recognized with excellent emulsifying properties from the beginning.


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